Saturday, January 28, 2012

Homestudy Visit - Done!

Posted by Jennifer at 10:33 AM
We have spent the last week, cleaning our house like crazy, and putting together the last minute papers we needed to give our social worker - and yesterday was the day! We had our homestudy, home visit. Our social worker was at our house for about 3 hours - mostly to go through the rough draft of our homestudy that she had written up. It went ok. We need to provide some more information for her, about specifically why we want to adopt two children with down syndrome. Our social worker has some concerns about us bringing home the two girls at once, and so she wants to take some time to pray about it - and make absolute sure it's the right decision for us. So, that's what we'll be doing over the next couple of days - we both still feel like that we are supposed to bring both of these girls home, and she didn't tell us that she wouldn't approve us for both - so we will pray about it, and we just need to let her know our thoughts for sure. And write up a little more information for her.

Hopefully we'll get all the information to her early in the week, and she'll be able to send us a draft of it to proof. And then within a couple of weeks it will be done and ready to send off to our placing agency!

But for tonight, we are taking a little break from adoption stuff. We have recently taken over as the mission's ministry leaders at church and tonight is our Missions Dinner! We are excited to spend the time in fellowship with our church family, and be challenged for the upcoming year to find ways to experience missional living! And.....I need to make a couple of desserts, guess I better get busy! :)

I'm going to update some fundraising info SOON! Don't forget to use our link on Amazon!!!


Anonymous said...

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