Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A couple of updates and a way you can help!

Posted by Jennifer at 10:22 AM
First of all, I need to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to our Papa's Pizza Fundraiser yesterday!!! WOW!!!! We had people letting us know all throughout the day that they were heading down for pizza, and we were there for a couple of hours last night and were overwhelmed with how many people showed up!! I think we had over 100 people there at one point, the restaurant was packed, the parking lot was full and there was a BIG OL' line line to order pizza!! Wow! Thanks for supporting us and loving our girls!!! We can't wait until they are home and we can introduce them to all the people who love them so much already! It was great to see some folks I hadn't seen in a LONG time and also to meet a bunch of people who have been following our story on the blog or facebook, for the first time!!

We can go down to the restaurant in an hour or so to pick up our check - I can't wait to find out the total we raised!!!

Second, I wanted to give you all an update about our Piece of the Puzzle fundraiser. We have so many people contribute - and buy their piece of the puzzle!! It's so much fun to see the list of names, and to see the pieces piling up! :) We have sold 625 pieces (of 1500) as of this morning!!! Thank you!!!! We have a great friend who loves to do puzzles, so she's coming over to help us put these pieces together! :) But here's a picture of the progress so far (all those pieces have names on them!! Now I just need to convince the cat not to sit on the card table, because she keeps knocking the pieces onto the floor!!) Don't forget, you can be a Piece of the Puzzle too - for just a $5 donation!!!

Our homestudy should be DONE this week or early next week - we're just waiting on one little piece of paper. :) We're starting to compile our dossier and getting ready to send off our application to USCIS. Moving right along! :)

The last thing I want to blog about this morning is my friends the Greeson's. They are bringing home a sweet little girl named Mila, who actually is from the VERY SAME CITY our girls are in!! This is Mila:

I love this picture of her - what a little bundle of personality she is! :) I like to think she's telling her mom and dad about how much she missed them while they were gone since their first trip to meet her. And telling them she doesn't want them to go ever again!! :) Here's Mila with her beautiful mommy:
This family had their court date on Valentine's Day, and it didn't go quite as they had expected it to. The judge really wanted to understand their desires for this sweet baby girl - and demanded a LOT of extra documentation, income verification, etc. - that they didn't have with them. SO, their family back home in the states scrambled like crazy to get things gathered up, notarized, apostilled and FEDEX'd to the other side of the world!!!!! They were able to gather up what they needed and the judge was happy with what they had for her, and Mila became their daughter on February 22nd.

Now, Mila was SUPPOSED to become their daughter on the 14th....and they were scheduled to fly home the next day. But since they had to go BACK to court, they were there an extra week!!! And, when they first started this process, this country only required 2 trips...which has no been changed to THREE trips. The Greeson's were FULLY FUNDED for 2 trips, but with the additional time they had to spend there, plus the additional trip....they could use our help! Mila's gotcha day is in just 17 days - and the Greeson's are short about $10,000. Would you be willing to help them out? Trust me even a few dollars really helps!! Look at that thermometer on the side of our blog, a lot of that $$ has come from simple $5 donations! Please help them bring Mila home!!

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Nikki on March 7, 2012 at 7:54 AM said...

She is beautiful... what a smile!

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