Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Court dossier update...

Posted by Jennifer at 5:54 PM
Well, apparently all I needed to do to get the last two documents we needed for our court dossier to show up, was to blog about it!  My last post was on Thursday, and that afternoon we received in the mail the final two things we needed!!  Woo hoo!!!  So, we got copies made and took some time on Friday to get everything notarized.  We had a busy weekend and then on Monday we headed to Salem and got everything apostilled!!  After that - we went straight to FedEx and sent it all on its way!!!

A beautiful date at the State Capitol.  Brandon had never been inside the capitol, so while we were waiting for our apostilles, we drank coffee and walked aorund the capitol building. :)

 There they are!  Our little 1.25 pound babies....getting ready to jump inside an envelope and travel to New Jersey! (where our agency is)

After we were done at FedEx - we headed back toward home. But stopped at a little Russian grocery store and bakery on our way.  It even smelled like Russia!!  It was really fun to see brands and products that we'd only seen in Russia!  Makes me want to get back there!!!  We found our favorite Russian cheese while we were there!!  Oh man, I was SO excited to find this cheese!!  I LOVE it!!  I need to pick up some pears - because while we were in Russia, our favorite breakfast was oatmeal, pears and some of this cheese. :)  Yum!!! 

I received word this morning from our agency that they received our dossier yesterday, and that it'll be headed to Russia this weekend.  It should be there late Monday to start being translated!!  Next step after that will be to submit it to the judge in our region, who will then either ask for more documents/information OR issue us a court date. 

We hope and pray that all goes smoothly and quickly - as we are definitely ready to keep moving forward with this process. We miss the girls and can't wait to see them again!!! 


Sara Eriksen on August 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM said...

Very exciting! Where is that store???


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