Monday, October 29, 2012

Back on 8

Posted by Jennifer at 7:12 AM
Yay! The internet is working again here!!  Eventually I'll go back and add pictures to my last blog post, but I hope most of you were able to see them on facebook.  :) 

We woke up this morning, and it had warmed up 30 degrees and there was snow on the ground!  It felt almost balmy outside at 30 degrees!!  It snowed off and on all day.  It's really weird to me right now that 30 degrees feels warm!! :) 

We headed out to visit with Emily first -and she saw us in the hallway as we were going upstairs to the visiting room.  I could IMMEDIATELY tell she was feeling better!  Her eyes were clear, her skin looked better and she was waving at us!  It was so great to have our smiley girl back!!  She's still stubborn and sassy, but she was SO much happier!!  She was busy busy busy today, I don't think she hardly stopped moving! :)  She also had a pretty awesome hairstyle today!  I'm mostly impressed they were able to get her to sit still long enough to do this!  I think the huge bows are kind of ridiculous, but this is actually pretty - and would be cool with smaller ribbons....maybe I should ask for lessons! :) 

We visited Dasha in the afternoon - and just like the last few days, it was a great visit!  I'm not sure if I mentioned this in my last blog or not, but I feel like each day we unlock a little more of who she is.  She's really a special little girl, and we get to see more and more of that each day.  It's been amazing to watch her bond with her dad this trip too!  What an answer to prayer that was for me!! :)  Today she was rowdy, but not crazy.  She wanted to kick and throw and wrestle and ride piggy back and have airplane rides.  It was a fun day!

 100% mischief....

It was a great day - and now we're winding down and getting ready for bed!  We have court tomorrow afternoon, at 2 p.m.  It should last about 2 hours we are told.  Please pray for us and our judge!  Hopefully my next blog entry will be full of great news!

Спокойной ночи!  (good night!)



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