Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our last time saying goodbye....

Posted by Jennifer at 7:23 AM
Thank you so much for all your congratulations and well-wishes following court yesterday!  I know I owe you all a blog with more details (and some photos that were missed on the days where the internet wasn't working!) - but I'll work on those when we get home.  We woke up this morning a little in shock that we are finally parents! :)  WOW!!!  And how lucky are we that we get to be parents to two AMAZING little girls!!! 

We had our final visits with the girls today.  We went to visit Dasha in the morning, and our translator sent us on our own!  Yelena, the social worker at Dasha's orphanage, speaks very good English, and Marina wanted her to have a chance to practice with us.  So, we got picked up and headed out to visit her.  Like every day of this trip, our visit was wonderful.  We had so much fun with her.  I accidentally left the memory card for my camera in the computer at the apartment, so I had to use my phone to take pictures - thankfully it was in my purse!!  So, I apologize that these photos aren't the greatest - I'll just share a few.  She played with most of the same things we'd done all week.  A couple new things were showing her how to ride piggy back and on dad's shoulders.  She LOVED it!  We also had play-dough for the first time - I have never seen her focus so long on something as she did with the play-dough!!  :) 

Before we knew it was time to say goodbye.  We got her all bundled up and she walked us out to the gate to our car.  We got some great hugs and kisses, and told her again and again how much we love her, and how we will be back VERY soon.  The caregivers have promised to talk with her about us every day, and show her our photos every day, so she won't be as sad, and will understand what's going to happen in a month.  Thankfully this is the last time we have to say goodbye, because we get the girls on our first full day in Kras next trip! :)  As we were giving her hugs and kisses, Brandon noticed a little tear on her cheek, and asked if it was from my tears.  I looked at her little face, and saw that her eyes were brimming with tears, and a few were trickling down her cheeks.  BREAK MY HEART!!  Oh sweet sweet Dasha, we love you so so so much, and we are counting the days until we'll be back here with you and it'll be FOREVER!!!! 

In the afternoon we had our final visit with Emily.  It too, was a fantastic visit.  Little miss munchkin was in a sweet mood. She was fun and laughing, and was content to let us cuddle her and love on her as much as we could!  We got some great play time with her - and her visit went way too fast as well.  At the end of the visit we were able to take her into her groupa room and see the room and where she sleeps.  It was important for us to be able to see where the girls sleep and spend their days, and get pictures of that for them for their future, as they ask questions.  The goodbye wasn't quite as hard with Emily because she doesn't react quite the same as Dasha does. But her countenance definitely changed when we took her too her room.  She clung to us pretty tightly instead of going willingly to her caregiver.  We gave her as many hugs and kisses as we could.  Emily-girl we love you SO very very much, and you are such a bright light in our life - we'll see you very soon!!!

So that's it friends....we've packed up everything, made a last trip to the grocery store for goodies to take home, and we're about to fall asleep since we have an EARLY flight tomorrow.  We're hoping and praying we are able to make our connection through JFK with no problems.  So far it looks like our flights are still on track - but pray for us! :) 

Paka for now, Krasnoyarsk.....we'll see you VERY soon....when we come back to get our DAUGHTERS!!!!


Christine on October 31, 2012 at 8:46 AM said...

***Tears of pure JOY**** I pray for safe travels and that this next month goes by quickly for you both! Enjoy the quiet (easier said than done) :D

Joanna on October 31, 2012 at 10:04 PM said...

This is awesome and amazing! Thank you for letting us share in your happiness. ~Joanna & Daniel

Cherbos on November 3, 2012 at 7:30 PM said...

Hello! I came here from one of your fellow adoption friends' site. Your girls are beautiful! I am sending many prayers your way and look forward to seeing your daughters back in your arms very soon!


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