Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy one month gotcha-versary, С Рождеством and just a big giant catch up post!!!

Posted by Jennifer at 3:18 PM
I apologize for being such a blog-slacker!! I haven't forgotten about you my faithful blog readers!!  Life has been busy, the girls are settling in to family life and finding time to blog has been a challenge!  I've been keeping my facebook updated with pictures - but I'm hoping I'll get  back in the swing of blogging here soon. :)

The girls enjoyed their first Christmas at home, and have had several different celebrations with family over the last few weeks.  Can you believe they have been home for almost a month??  January 3rd was our one month gotcha-versary!  It's incredible to see the changes in them.  Emily is practically running all over the place, Dasha is signing up a storm and even trying to say a few words, they're blossoming right before our eyes!!  I will do a full one-month home update in a few days, but I know you're probably all dying to see pictures. :)  

I have been putting Aquafor cream on Emily's super dry skin - and I ran my fingers back through her hair....this was the result. :)

We took the girls to Wildlife Safari - watching Dasha's face as she saw all the animals was priceless!! 
 Signing bird....
 I like this owl.....
 I think I'll give him kisses!
 Someone has decided the bath is fun!!  She no longer screams when you put her in the bathtub - but instead screams because she can't get in there fast enough!! :)
 Christmas eve - all dressed up for church!!

 Yes you are girls!!  Best presents ever! :)
 Enjoying Christmas fun with Grandma & Grandpa Cooper

 Eating Skittles with Great-Grandma Whitby (GG-ma)

 The girls loved hanging out with my grandma :)
 4 generations!
 What is this thing?
 Merry Christmas from the Willis' family!!!

 With Grandma & Grandpa Cooper
 Grandma made a cherry pie - and the girls thought it was the most delicious thing ever! :)
 Taking pictures with her new camera.
 Post Christmas-crazy!!!

We took the girls to the park for the first time - they LOVED the swings!!!

 Thumbs up!!!
 Doing pullups with Dad.
 Playing outside....

 Bath fun!!!

 Out for a walk near Fern Ridge.

 Emily couldn't wait to eat that bread! :)

 She's got business to do....
 The girls had blood drawn - and were super well behaved - so we rewarded them with a donut! :)

 Ha ha - little do you know girls...those smoothies you're scarfing down, are mostly spinach!! :)

 All ready for the Fiesta Bowl and a Duck win!! :) (Had to get them in Green & Yellow before Grandpa Cooper put them in Kansas State purple!!)

Best hair style to grow out an orphanage mullet....

 With cousin JJ - she's teaching him how to get into all sorts of trouble. :)  (JJ is 8 months)

 Dasha liked putting her baby in JJ's carseat
 The girls with Nana (Brandon's mom)

Giving JJ kisses bye :)
Sassy girl after church....

We're at the Oregon Coast Aquarium!!
 Watching the sea otters be fed.

 Signing bird....

 Look! A fish!!! 
 And mommy's favorite animal, a lobster!!!!

 She was fascinated!
 I caught one!!!

 Checking out the sand table - Emily didn't like it on her hands.

 Thumbs up for the fish!!
 Biggest crab ever!!!

 Doing a little dance....
 In the shark tunnel. (Mom's least favorite place on earth!)

 Nose to nose with a big fish!
 All those sparkles/lights - are zillions of little fish.

Clapping for the fish and sharks....
 First dinner at Mo's. :)

 Doing some yoga....

 Putting Grandma Cooper, Aunt Tracey and Cousin Anya to sleep....

Celebrating Russian Christmas with borscht night!! :)  Emily ate two bowls full!! :)


Alyssa P said...

I love that the fish dinner came after your trip to the aquarium!

What fun family photos!

Jenny on January 8, 2013 at 7:26 PM said...

Adorable pictures! Your little family is so precious :)

Crystal on January 8, 2013 at 8:51 PM said...

Love the girls in Duck stuff! Good to know you're raising them right. :-)


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