Saturday, March 6, 2010

A bucket full of HOPE...

Posted by Jennifer at 9:46 PM
Tonight, Brandon and I packed up a Bucket of Hope to send to Haiti. Our church is providing these buckets of food supplies for families in Haiti. The simple items we purchased at the grocery store for around $20 will feed a Haitian family for a week! A couple of bags of rice, some dry beans, flour, sugar, oil....

Wow. Can you imagine eating for a week? On rice, beans and flour? Maybe we should all try it. Maybe we should all try it for a day? Maybe we we should all try carrying several gallons of water 3 or 4 miles just to see what it's like. And then, while we're at it. Let's take that 3 gallons of water, and only use that for a day. For cooking, cleaning, hygiene.... Because that's how much water 1.1 million people around the world use daily. While we use 50-150 gallons a water daily.

We are feeling more and more called to service these days. And maybe it will be right here in our own country, we're not sure. We just know that God is making us "uncomfortable" in some areas of our lives, and stirring up things in our hearts. Bringing all of these issues to light to us. We're still waiting and praying for clear direction. We are still praying to go to Haiti this summer with our church. Don't have anymore details about that yet, but God has clearly placed that on our hearts right now. Please be in prayer with us for that. For the fundraising that we'll need to do, for all of the details to fall into place, and for the people we'll be able to serve while we're there. We're excited!

But in the meantime, we have a bucket full of hope sitting in our living room. It'll be delivered to our church tomorrow morning and will soon make it's way to Haiti. We're praying for God to pour out His amazing blessings all over the family that will receive it. And that it truly will be a source of hope for that family.



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