Thursday, March 8, 2012

Countdown to 3/21....second installment.

Posted by Jennifer at 5:44 PM
Continuing on with my countdown to March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day. I wanted to be sure to share a few more things with you. First, I'd like to share a couple of pictures and videos.

This first video is short, and right to the point.

This next video, is just plain adorable. And beautiful. And makes me cry when I watch it. It's pretty short too.

Our girls are beautiful. Our girls are perfect. They are fearfully and wonderfully made. They are beautiful creations of a perfect Father. We hope you'll get to know them.

I'd also like to give a shout out today, to my friend Patti's blog. A Perfect Lily. Lily is one of the cutest little girls on the planet - and like our girls, sports a bonus chromosome. Lily (and the rest of her family) live only about 45 minutes away from us, and we can't wait to get together one of these days!! ANYWAY...Lily's mama, Patti, is awesome. She advocates like crazy for orphans with down syndrome, write though provoking blog posts, takes wonderful photos, has great giveaways, AND is a mama to 10 (with another on the way!!) Whew, she's superwoman I think!! :) Patti is currently doing a series discussing the new tests that detect Down syndrome in the first trimester of pregnancy.

So, be sure to head over to Patti's blog. You'll get to see some gorgeous pictures of some amazing kids!! Including my friend Lexi's sweetie pie, Abby!! (She's the cover girl for today's post!)



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