Friday, May 18, 2012

Find My Family Friday - featuring Dominick!

Posted by Jennifer at 10:15 AM
Before I jump into this week's featured child, I have a really quick shameless plug....

We're having a HUGE fundraiser garage sale tomorrow, so if you are in the Eugene/Springfield area - we'd LOVE for you to spread the word to all your friends and family!!!  We have LOTS of great stuff!!!  Thanks! :)

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled post!  Once again, I'll be featuring an absolutely adorable kiddo from our girls' region!!!  Today's featured child is....


This cute little guy is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome.  He has gray eyes and light brown hair.  The description from the agency says he shows emotion, is easy to make contact with, smiles and laughs, plays with adults, interested in toys, easily catches them from different positions and can play with them pretty long. He can turn from his back to his belly, raises his head high, leaning on shoulders, sometimes on the palms of his hands.

A friend of mine was able to catch a glimpse of sweet Dominick last winter while adopting her little girl.  She said he's tiny but OH so cute!!  He will definitely benefit from having a family!  Are you his family?   Single moms can adopt from this region - AND multiple children can be adopted at once. (We're proof of that!!)  So you could adopt Dominick and one of the other cutie-pies I've featured! :)  

Dominick just has $38 in his grant fund currently - so any help boosting that fund would be appreciated as well!  Those funds become available to his family when they are given a travel date!!   Pray for Dominick, for his future family and help spread the word!!

Welcome to the Find a Family Friday link up. Adoption has touched so many of our lives and once you step into this world I don’t think you ever really leave it. Your heart is changed forever and the children who are still waiting for families never leave your heart or mind. This heart change is what has moved a group of adopting Mom’s and advocates to join together to post about waiting children.

Find A Family Friday was created to be a fun and easy way to help orphans find their families.
Every  Friday I will blog about an orphan in need. If you would like to write your own post, sharing about an orphan you know, you can link up here with us. We believe that if we work together to spread the word about waiting children, we can be a part of them finding a forever family. We would love for you to join us in blogging, and be a part of a waiting child's miracle of a forever family.

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