Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Orphanage donations

Posted by Jennifer at 10:44 AM
As we will be heading back to our girls' country in the COLD winter months - we would love to be able to take donations of warm hats, mittens and thick tights with us.  New with tags is preferred - or EXTREMELY gently used.  We have two more trips, and would love to take gifts for both orphanages on both trips.  Obviously Emily's baby house has little ones...but Dasha's institution is for children up to age 17.  If you are willing to help us out, let me know!! :)

For the little kids (under age 4)  - hats with ear flaps are preferred!  (the type that fastens under the chin)  I've seen the thick tights in the stores....I even bought a couple of pair at Walmart last night, I think they are $3.50/pair right now.  All kids (at least the little ones) - EVEN BOYS wear tights, especially during the winter. 

If folks would prefer to make a monetary donation and we will purchase the items, that is absolutely fine!  I will set up a ChipIn (it will not be tax deductible) - and it will be on the side bar of the blog.  

Here are a couple of pictures of the type of hats/tights I am thinking.
Thanks in advance for helping us bless these orphanages!  We really are grateful to them for the care our girls receive there - and want to be able to help them out!!!  Please send me a message if you need to know where to send your donations! :)


Kristen W. said...

Are there things you think would be especially useful or nice for the older kids?

Paul on October 15, 2012 at 12:58 AM said...

Yes, all the kids wear tights all winter. You can get boy looking tights with trucks or spiderman and stuff here. You could think about getting some here if you want. I could help you shop. They cost about 200 rubles a pair ($6) so pricier, which is why they will appreciate your donation.
Older kids still need tights too, you can get much bigger sizes here. (up to adult sizes)
PS. Looking forward to meeting you! Praying for you as the days draw closer! Blessings!!


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