Friday, December 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home....

Posted by Jennifer at 10:49 PM
First of all, my sincere apologies for leaving you all hanging!  We are no longer in Moscow! :)  We're HOME!!! We left Moscow the morning of December 12th - and arrived back home in Oregon the evening of the 12th....after almost 24 hours of traveling!!!! The girls did well on the plane, but didn't sleep!!  I think they both slept for about 45 minutes and that was at the beginning of our 12 hour flight!!!  Oy!!!  They were silly and crazy throughout the flight - and once we landed in LA - were completely exhausted!!  We made it through customs/immigration, where they officially became US Citizens, and they promptly fell asleep!!! 

Once we finally made it back to Portland, where we had a HUGE welcoming crew, it was awesome(!!), we decided we were too exhausted to drive home that night, so we stayed one more night in a hotel near the airport.  We headed home on Thursday and have been getting settled since!  I can't believe our girls have been home for almost 10 days already!!!!  WOW!!!!  We're seeing amazing changes in them every single day!  We all ended up pretty sick after we got home (migraines and puking on my part - NO FUN!!) and we're still fighting off the colds we caught in Russia.  The girls had their first dr. appointments on Wednesday, and Emily is now on an antibiotic for an ear infection. 

The girls are learning fast, signing tons, starting to say more and more words in English, and are changing and blossoming right before our eyes! It's pretty amazing too witness!!!   They are sleeping (mostly) through the night now, so hopefully Brandon and I will soon too! :)  They are eating well, and love playing and exploring their new home.  We've gotten a Christmas tree and taken them to meet a few friends and family.  We're still trying to stick pretty close to home, and keep things as low key as possible - but they love going for car rides, so sometimes our big outing will be a drive around the neighborhood. :) 

I know what you really want is pictures, so I will leave you with those.  I hope now that we are finally (almost) caught up on unpacking/laundry and the girls are sleeping better, that I'll be able to blog more regularly again - but your patience is appreciated! :)


Jenny on December 22, 2012 at 10:26 AM said...

I just love seeing pictures of you four as a Family. Your daughters are beautiful and I hope you all have a wonderful first Christmas together :)

Lisa on December 24, 2012 at 4:41 AM said...

Thank you for letting me watch your journey! I hope you and the girls have the first of many wonderful Christmas seasons.

Patti on December 31, 2012 at 10:05 PM said...

soooo happy for you, Jennifer !!

petitcompaore on January 2, 2013 at 6:09 PM said...

I totally saw you guys in the checkout line at Fred Meyer last week and didn't want to seem like a random stalker (I stopped by your garage sale earlier this year), but I am so happy for you guys! They are home!!! Your girls are beautiful!!!


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