Monday, December 10, 2012

We made it to Moscow! (Days 8 and 9)

Posted by Jennifer at 6:04 PM
I started to write this blog last night, but couldn't keep my eyes open - so I gave up! :)  The girls are slowly waking up this morning - so hopefully I'll get it written before Emily's up too. (Dasha is playing on the iPad with Daddy right now.) 

On Sunday we frantically packed the last of our stuff to leave our apartment in Krasnoyarsk.  We were picked up about 9:00 to head to the airport.  The girls both did really well on the plane. I was VERY pleased!!!  They both slept for a little while - and Emily only fussed when we took off and landed, and when she was fighting going to sleep.  Hopefully our flight home will go that smoothly as well.

Once we got to Moscow - we were pretty much exhausted and so were the girls. We ate an early dinner and got the girls to bed and fell asleep ourselves. The girls were asleep by 6:30 and we were asleep by about 7. Of course our brains/bodies were telling us it was 4 hours later thanks to Krasnoyarsk being 4 hours ahead of Moscow. 

We were up early of course the next day (about 3:30 am!) but we were able to make the most of the day.  We took the girls to breakfast at a buffet and then for a walk to the grocery store.  I am SO thankful both girls have been eating and drinking well.  I am VERY glad we haven't had to fight that battle -which we really could have!  They each have been eating well and drinking lots of water.  they Only thing they really haven't liked is steamed broccoli or green beans.  Dasha is also not a fan of cucumbers. 
 This girl has perfected her "cheese face"  - and the mouthful of teeth has earned her the nickname "Chomper"  :)

 Nap time!

After the girls woke up from their naps, we grabbed a quick lunch and then walked to Red Square. It was about a 20 minute walk. The girls were troopers in their stroller. It was good to get out and walk.  We were COLD by the time we got home though!!! (Even though it's about 29 degrees here!)  I took TONS of pictures of scenery/Red Square - but I'll save those for a different blog post, and just highlight a few here. (I posted them all on facebook by the way)  One neat difference from when we were here in October, was all the Christmas decorations AND a big ice skating rink had been set up in Red Square!

Mommy's delicious croissant.
Dasha LOVED the quiche!!!
 Mmmmm gingerbread cookies.

 She loved the mirrored ceiling.
 Hi Dasha!
 Ready to walk to Red Square!
 In front of Russia's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

 In Red Square - with the ice skating rink behind us.
 So beautiful.
 Yay!! I've been waiting to take this picture!!! :)

 Emily's eyes are so stunning in this picture. I think turquoise might be her color! :)
 Cutie patootie!

 Dasha modeling the hat we bought for their Uncle Brian.
 Dasha tucking me in for a little nap.
 This girl's cheese face cracks me up.
 Eating like a big girl with her knife and fork.
 She was SUPPOSED to be sleeping. LOL Instead she wiggled out of her pajama top and was making faces at us. :)
Today (Tuesday) we have our Embassy appointment.  If all goes as planned, the girls will have visas to enter the United States later today. :)  We are all ready to be done traveling and to get home.  The girls have shared their colds with Brandon and I as well.  The last couple of days I had a pretty terrible sore throat, but today I'm just snotty, like the girls!! :)  You can refer to us as the Snot Family. LOL 

We head back to the US tomorrow (as long as we get those visas today!!)  and have a LOOOONG flight from Moscow to LAX (about 13 hours).  Pray for us!! :)  Pray the girls do well again!!!  We have a layover in LA and then fly home to Portland.  If you're in the area and would like to meet us at the airport - we're scheduled to arrive at 8:05 pm at PDX (on an Alaskan flight).  Once we get back the US I'll be able to update from my phone, so if we're delayed or anything, I'll post on facebook. :) 


Crystal on December 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM said...

I wish you were flying into Eugene! :-(

Heather and Michael on December 10, 2012 at 8:05 PM said...

By far the best all the pictures <3


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