Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A few more savings...and a fun new adventure

Posted by Jennifer at 8:59 PM
So first off my fun new adventure, turned out to be WAY less adventurous than I thought it would be! :) My friend, Marci (who is also my Krazy Coupon friend, btw) and I decided we wanted to try to make freezer jam together this summer. Neither of us had ever made it before, but I'd heard it was really easy. So last week, we took her girls and picked blackberries. For those not from Oregon, blackberries grow like weeds around here! Seriously, they're EVERYWHERE! So, we found a good place to pick that had lots of berries and started picking! So...our berries were free! :) Woo hoo!!Anyway, her kids were off doing fun things this week, so we decided this would be a good week to make our jam - so that's what we did today! The berries we picked (minus a few that our families ate of course!) - made 4 batches of freezer jam!! We each ended up with 9 or 10 containers of jam for our families (some 8 oz and some 16 oz containers). The jam is SOOOOOO yummy - was SOOOOOOOOOO easy to make (seriously, I had no idea it would be that easy!) - and the best part was, the cost was REALLY low! We had to buy the pectin and sugar, and I picked up a few containers - but I had coupons for pectin and Ball containers - and so the total out of pocket cost for each of us was only about $5!!! Woo hoo!! :) Here's a picture of our final product! Now a few more excellent deals I got around town today....

Walgreens had these on clearance! So I grabbed 4 of them! $2.29/ea - so a total of $9.16. I didn't use any coupons - and my receipt says my savings is $ if you add those totals together, and divide by 4 - the original price for these is $8.99/ea. I got FOUR for only $0.17 more!!!

My Rite Aid deal of the day! :) 3 packages of Purex 3-in-1 sheets and 1 bottle of Cheer detergent. Original price $33.96. I paid out of pocket $7.96 - plus I got two $1 +Up rewards for my next purchase so final price $5.96!!! (approx. $1.50/each)

Now yes - I am VERY well stocked on laundry detergent - in fact Brandon and I did the math and if I use the recommended amount of detergent for each load (I use less though - because you don't typically need that much) I should have enough detergent for 10 months! Longer with the amounts I used! Seems like a lot of detergent - but if you'll notice I've paid an average of: $1.24 for each thing of detergent!! Not too bad since most of it's about $8 regular price!!!! :)



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