Tuesday, March 20, 2012

$1 donation giveaway for the Baileys!

Posted by Jennifer at 11:57 AM
One of the best things about being on this adoption journey is getting to "meet" other families who are also in the process of adopting. I have gained some amazing friends throughout this process - friends who I know will be life long!!! And one of the best things about these friends....is we've got each other's backs. We look out for one another, lift each other up in prayer and are each other's cheerleaders. The world of international adoption is harsh at times, can be a lonely journey and folks are often met with a lack of support from their friends and family. Brandon and I are SOOOOO thankful to our amazing friends and family for their love and support of our adoption - we know that isn't the case for so many.

I'd like to introduce you today to the Bailey family. They already have a son, Tyler, with special needs, so they know they can parent another special needs child.

They would love to bring this little boy, Khariton, home as their son from Eastern Europe, and the only thing standing in their way is money. This little boy has had to face surgery and months in a hospital... all without a mom or dad by his side to hold his hand. What's worse is that if the Baileys cannot make their first trip before this summer, he will be transferred to an adult mental institution even though the only thing wrong with Khariton is that his legs don't work.
You may ask how someone who cannot afford to adopt a child in the first place can afford to pay for that child when they are home. But be honest. How many of you who are currently paying to raise up children in your home have $35,000 just hanging out in your bank account? Most people don't, but that doesn't mean they can't afford to feed and clothe another child. Please don't let money stand in the way of this sweet boy finding a home.

Now, here is where the awesome network of friends come in!! Some wonderful friends of mine, most of who are also adopting, and are in the midst of their own fundraising - have come together to support the Bailey family and we're sponsoring a give away!! All you have to do to be in the running is contribute $1 (or more) to the Baileys' Chip-in at http://savingkhariton-com.webs.com. You can even be entered for free by sharing on facebook, twitter, or your blog. But don't forget to post a comment here telling me that you contributed and/or shared.

So far we've raised $491 of the $2,000 they need for their home study, which is great! But... they will need so much more even beyond this $2,000 so I'd love to get to $2,000 and then some! Let's make sure sweet Khariton doesn't go straight from the hospital, where he's recovering from surgery, to an adult mental institution. We can keep that from happening with very little sacrifice. $1. Who doesn't have $1 sitting around? I could find more than that digging through my couch cushions! It's less than a third of a Starbucks latte!!

Here are the items up for grabs in our giveaway:

First up is a handmade crib quilt made by Marj Ochs, featuring adorable matryoshka dolls. It is listed in her Etsy shop for $125. If you win this quilt and don't want it (which would be crazy!) I WANT IT!!! :) The Ochs family are adopting cutie pie Ella.
You pick the colors. It can look exactly like the one in the listing, or you can pick more boyish colors (the nesting doll fabric comes in other colorways), or maybe you have some fabric already sitting around your house that you've been dying to have made into a fabulous quilt. If you're the winner, you can choose. Did we mention the backing is all cream minky? :-)

Priscilla Morse is also giving away an adorable handmade bow holder with your choice of 10 bows to help the Baileys! The Morse family are adopting adorable little Xenia (Natasha).
Next we have an adorable custom matryoshka doll wall plaque made by yours truly!! I am currently selling them for $15 each for our fundraiser. You choose the color scheme to match your child's room! Here are a couple of examples - so cute!
Shana Pardue donated two of her Vera Bradley inspired flameless candles. The Pardue family are adopting handsome little Alexander.
You pick which two designs you would like. Aren't they gorgeous?

And finally Gabriella's Bijouterie offered one set of handmade earrings and a ring! We don't have pictures of the specific items yet, but here is an example of her work:
So there it is. 7 - count 'em - 7 items you can have the chance of receiving as a thank you gift for contributing to the Baileys or sharing on a social networking site. I know it's obnoxious reading a post where someone is just begging for money, but this is to RANSOM A CHILD. You will never find a better use for your money.

To contribute to the Baileys, go to their blog at http://savingkhariton-com.webs.com


~Liz~ on March 20, 2012 at 1:01 PM said...

We will help with a contribution! -The Sweeter Family

Jen C. said...

Contributed $10.

Tonya Bredamus said...

I only had $5 to donate, but I shared it on my facebook so hopefully others will donate as well. Good luck! I love that families who are adopting take time out of their own fundraising to help others with their fundraising. My friend just finished raising enough money to start their homestudy. It's a great feeling.

drema pearson said...

i am new to your blog coming over from caringbridge & Rachel Joys site.i am going to donate and if i win the quilt it will be yours for the 2 new blessings thats coming home soon.God Bless,Drema Pearson statesville nc


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