Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another quick update....

Posted by Jennifer at 12:32 PM
I'm running out of clever blog post titles for my update posts, so you're getting another "quick update" post! :)

We had a whirlwind weekend and start to this week!!  I updated about our Friday adventures - with getting everything apostilled and then FedExed to our agency!!  Well the good news there is that our agency received our dossier on Monday afternoon, at first glance things looked great.  So, she was going to look through it with more detail, add a few documents from their end and it should be headed to our girls' country later this week!!!  Once it's translated and submitted to the Ministry of Education (Magic)  we will get our official travel date.  We will also get more information about the girls at that point, and I'm hoping for more pictures too!! :)

The weekend was spent sewing (me) and doing computer work to help some folks out (Brandon), church on Sunday and then heading up to Portland Sunday afternoon.  We were able to meet our new nephew (Brandon's sister's first baby) - Jeremiah Joshua.  Here's a couple of pictures of  Uncle Brandon and Aunt Jennifer with the little guy! :)

We enjoyed an evening with family, celebrating the new baby and Brandon's mom's birthday!  Then the next morning, we got up and headed downtown for our Biometric Fingerprint Appointment at the United States Citizinship and Immigration Services.  (USCIS)

We had a really great experience with this appointment!  First of all, we got there about 15 minutes early - our appointment was scheduled for 10 am.  And we walked out - DONE - at 10:05!!!  And that included parking the car, paying the meter, using the restroom, going through security, getting signed AND having our fingerprints taken!!!  But the really cool part happened while I was getting my prints.  The lady who was taking my prints, was chatting with me about our adoption, and of course I was more than happy to tell her all about it! :)  Then she asked if Brandon and I are Believers.  When I told her yes, she asked if she could pray for us!!  Right there at USCIS!! :)  So while she's taking my fingerprints, this woman I've never met prayed for and spoke scripture over our adoption, our girls, our was totally surreal, and awesome. And I said later I felt like if I turned around, the woman for sure would have disappeared like an angel or something!!  LOVE having moments like this throughout this journey!!! :)

We enjoyed the rest of our day in Portland - it was a BEAUTIFUL day, and we were able to enjoy the sunshine!!  We ate a delicious lunch at Stepping Stone Cafe - which was on Man vs. Food. Brandon ordered the "Smothered Bad-A$$" omelet.  Which had chicken fried steak and hashbrowns and jalapenos in it - and was smothered in gravy.  It was delicious.  And might have weighed more than Emilie will when she gets home!! It for sure weighed more than our new nephew!!! :)

We have also moved up to the "Almost There" page on Reece's Rainbow!! WOW, we're almost there!!  I can hardly believe it!!! We still need a significant amount of money before our first trip, and I will update with some information about how you can help and be praying for us later in the week!! :)  Thanks for your support - we're almost there!!!!!


Amber on May 9, 2012 at 1:07 PM said...

That's an amazing story about your experience @ USCIS! What a far cry from most peoples' experiences with them!


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