Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's on it's way!!!!

Posted by Jennifer at 10:09 AM
This has been a crazy week!!!  Running around getting last minute stuff done, I had 27 drawstring bags ordered, started a new life group, had a new nephew born, and I don't even know what else anymore!! :)  But the biggest thing.....

That is our COMPLETED, APOSTILLED preliminary dossier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We finished it all up this week, got it all notarized on Thursday, went up to Salem yesterday afternoon and went to the Secretary of State's office for some apostilles.  27 apostilles, actually.  Once that was done, we headed to FedEx and packaged it all up. We paid way too much money to have it sent overnight to our agency in NJ.  And I'll be honest, I was just a *little* protective of that stack of papers. :)  I was wishing we already had a car seat installed in the car, so we could put the papers in the car seat to keep them safe.  I had to be sure that the envelope was the right size so nothing would bend or anything on it's way.  Oh please be safe 1.05 pound stack of papers!!!!!

This is a paper pregnancy, friends!
So, what's next?  Well first of all we enjoyed dinner with some friends last night - who are also adopting from the same country!  It was so great to hang out with them! (and our future son-in-law!!)

Monday we have our biometrics fingerprint appointment in Portland for USCIS.  Our dossier should arrive in NJ on Monday as well.  And now we wait....for our dossier to get translated and submitted to the Ministry of Education (or the Ministry of Magic as we like to refer to it as) in our girls' country.  Once it's submitted, we'll be given an invitation to travel.  If all goes as "planned" that date will be mid-June.  WOW!!!!    It feels really good to be done with this first phase of everything.  5 months of hard work, lots of money....we're breathing a sigh of relief today, before jumping into grant applications and more fundraising! :) 

We'll be there soon girls!!!



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