Friday, May 4, 2012

Find My Family Friday - Featuring Joanie!!

Posted by Jennifer at 9:13 AM
Welcome to the first "OFFICIAL"  Find My Family Friday link up post!!!  I am SO excited about this project!!   Some other adoptive mama's and advocates have been chatting about starting this feature on our blogs, to help bring awareness to waiting children around the world!!!  At the end of the post, you'll find details about how YOU can join in the Find My Family Friday Fun!!!  (How's that for alliteration!)

Today I would like to introduce you to....

Like Maggie I blogged about last week, Joanie is also in our girls' region!  We have been pleased with the partner agency in this region, and are really looking forward to getting to travel to this beautiful part of our girls' country!!   And I tell you what, the kids in this region sure are CUTE!!!  Check out beautiful Joanie....

 Isn't she precious?  Look at the size of that bow!!!  I truly can't get over how stunning this sweet girls is! 

Joanie, like Maggie and our Abigail, was born in 2006.  She might even be in the same groupa as Abigail.  I can just see these two girls playing dolls and comparing the size of their giant hairbows! ;)  The orphanage describes Joanie as having "amusing ringlets in her hair".  She is an obedient and responsive girl, who loves to organize the toys, water the flowers and likes the small pets (fish and hamsters) in the orphanage. 

Here's a few more pictures of sweet Joanie-girl.  What a blessing it will be for her future family to be able to see all these pictures of Joanie!!! :)  

So please, share this sweet girl's face with all your friends and family, donate to her grant fund on Reece's Rainbow (these funds become available to her family to help bring her home!), pray for Joanie and the other sweet kiddos in this region.  If you are her family, please feel free to contact me and I'll be sure to connect you with right person!!

Welcome to the Find a Family Friday link up. Adoption has touched so many of our lives and once you step into this world I don’t think you ever really leave it. Your heart is changed forever and the children who are still waiting for families never leave your heart or mind. This heart change is what has moved a group of adopting Mom’s and advocates to join together to post about waiting children.

Find A Family Friday was created to be a fun and easy way to help orphans find their families. Every  Friday I will blog about an orphan in need. If you would like to write your own post, sharing about an orphan you know, you can link up here with us. We believe that if we work together to spread the word about waiting children, we can be a part of them finding a forever family. We would love for you to join us in blogging, and be a part of a waiting child's miracle of a forever family.
Linking Guidelines: 
  • Posts must be about an orphaned child without a committed family.
  • Please link directly to the post you have written for Find A Family Friday. Do not link to your blog’s homepage.
  • Help spread the word! Grab the button below and add it to your sidebar or post.   
  • Please be aware that there are people who target blogs that advocate for orphaned children by leaving hate messages.  Please do not engage them. Set your blog comments to moderation so that these posts never see the light of day.


my family on May 5, 2012 at 8:38 AM said...

Im in and will do the best I can.

will you let us know what child we post about for that friday?

Also, yes I have got two nasty comments just this past week, they turn my stomach, Im sure you know the ones but my question is do I go to "always" under moderation (after comments?)
how do I get the comments that I want to show up? Sorry but have never done this and dont want to keep everyone's comments hidden. Thanks so much


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