Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Our first days as a family.... (VERY PICTURE HEAVY!!)

Posted by Jennifer at 6:16 AM
So obviously I never got around to blogging last night. The girls are asleep now and I'm not so exhausted I can't keep my eyes open, so I'll try to catch you up on the last couple of days! :)

Yesterday (Tuesday), we all went to the notary in the morning so Brandon and I could sign some paperwork.  The girls were well behaved and played with the toys I brought them while we did what we needed to get done. :)  I went back to the apartment with the girls while Brandon went with our coordinator to get some stuff done. He came back for lunch and then went back out again.  Here's a few pictures from our morning and afternoon.

Both girls woke up in great moods.

 They LOVED when I would tickle them together like this. They would laugh and laugh and laugh....
 Having a little oatmeal for breakfast.  Mom's feeding Emily with the right hand and herself with the left. :)
 Dasha enjoying her yogurt.
 I gave Dasha another bath in the morning, but since we were leaving fairly soon I dried her hair so it wouldn't freeze outside.  (LITERALLY!) - she LOVED having my blow it dry.  Her hair is so much softer and shinier already.

 Getting her boots on to get ready to go!

 A little snack time...

 Showing off her new shoes. :)  She loved them!! 

 All bundled up and ready to go!! :)  My little pink Siberian princess!
 I promise there's a baby in there somewhere!! :)

 Watching Baby Signing Time and trying to do the signs. 
 Playing with Dad.
 When this girl gets tickled her whole body turns into a laugh.  Such a goofball.
 Silly Dasha chillin' in mom's bed.
 Bubble time!!!

 First time eating in a restaurant!!!  It went pretty well. Emily waved at everyone who walked by our table and ate anything put in front of her. Dasha ate pretty well - but was so fascinated by everything from the salt & pepper to the light fixtures - she just looked around wide eyed and took it all in.
 My little monkey ready for bed!
 Awww, sleepy girl.

 Today (Wednesday) - Brandon didn't have to go do anything, so he was with us the whole day!  Yay!!! I was really glad, because I haven't been sleeping well, and that caught up with me today, and just had me feeling kind of yucky.  But regardless, we managed to have a fun day. :) 

Again the girls woke up in great moods!!

 Dasha helping mom with some blogging....

Dasha had another bath (she LOVES the bath!) and today Emily was really interested in what her sister was doing. We tried putting her in again, and she tolerated standing in the water and clinging to my neck.  She'll get there. :) She didn't scream as hard today.
 Needing some comfort from dad after her "bath"
 You can't really see it here, but this picture is an example of how smart Dasha is.  It was time for her to get out of the bath, so I pulled the stopper out.  And she promptly took the washcloths and stuck them in the drain so the water wouldn't drain out....
 All squeaky clean!! (her face is shiny from the Aquafor cream I'm putting on it to help with her crazy dry skin!)

 We needed to get out of the apartment before mom went stir crazy (it's a small apartment!!) - and since we needed a few things, we decided to bundle the girls up and walk to the store.  
 Our first stroller ride!!! Emily promptly fell asleep!!!
 Dasha was a little overwhelmed at first, she didn't know what to think, and if I was even slightly out of her sight, she would get nervous.  But she settled down and actually enjoyed looking around.  And yes I know the straps from her stroller are messed up - she wiggled out of them (one problem with the giant coats/snowsuits!) and I didn't bother fixing them because she was staying in the stroller just fine.
 Came back to have some lunch.  Right here she's eating one of those drinkable yogurts with a spoon. She eats/drinks really fast, and I was feeding Emily one this way because she has a hard time drinking sometimes, and Dasha thought it looked kind of cool - so I did the same thing for her. It slows her down and she does great with it.  It's plain yogurt by the way. Both girls love it - they love fruit flavored yogurt as well - but they are just as happy with plain.  So far I've only found ONE thing that Emily doesn't like - some baby food I bought for her, it was cauliflower, carrots and sweet corn. (I don't blame her!)  Emily tolerated it - and ate maybe 1/3 of the jar, but would make a face with each bite. Dasha wanted to try it, and she loved it - so she ate that!

 Just a little remodeling...
 Messy face girl.  I think she's put on 5 pounds since Monday.  LOL
 Emily was so funny when she woke up this afternoon. She was playing with us through the mesh of her crib.  She'd get her little lips up and her teeth would show. It was hilarious.  Then she'd kiss us through the mesh...

 Then she helped me with my blogging too....

 One of the blessings of staying in an apartment rather than a hotel is we can cook our own food. It saves us money, gives us a better variety and is healthier overall.  Today we picked up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store and I made green beans and mashed potatoes to go with it.  Both girls ate tons of chicken and mashed potatoes and some of their green beans.  They drank milk with dinner as well.

So there you have our last two days.  I now can hardly keep my eyes open - so I should probably head to bed!!!  Night!!


Elissa on December 5, 2012 at 8:57 AM said...

LOVE!!!! Thank you for letting us all be a part of these girlies new life beginning! :-) BTW-I LOVE the picture of Emily in the stroller. You cannot even see her LOL!! Looks like just an extra coat in there.

Crystal on December 5, 2012 at 8:58 AM said...

Hopefully this eating of whatever you put in front of them will last! :-) Loved hearing all the commentary -- keep it up!

Patti on December 5, 2012 at 10:34 AM said...

eeeek !!!! so happy for you jennifer !!!!

Jenny on December 5, 2012 at 6:41 PM said...

LOVED this post!! I can't wait for you guys to make the trip back home!

Joanna on December 5, 2012 at 10:34 PM said...

Thank you for posting, Jennifer, even though you're tired. Everyone looks fantastically happy! It's so wonderful to see. You were always a family and now always will be. :)

Lindsey Wagner on December 6, 2012 at 6:22 AM said...

So happy for you and your family! Congrats! Hope you have a safe trip home soon.


PS: did you guys change Abigals name to Dasha?

tgreeson on December 6, 2012 at 9:07 AM said...

Made me so teary. I just adore your family.

Jeanette Conner (aka Nana!) said...

Love, love, LOVE those babies!!! And the big people are kinda okay too! :)


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